Arsenic is a community of models, artists 
& creators reaching over 40 million people.

Amanda Micallef was inspired to co-found Arsenic because of her strong sex-positive feminism beliefs. Arsenic began as a community of female models where Amanda put the editorial power in the hands of the women themselves. We have since expanded into music, fine art, events, television, and beyond.

The Arsenic House has been called “Andy Warhol’s The Factory meets the Playboy Mansion” and is the core of the Arsenic Experience: A place where dope people come together to do dope things.


What started as a network of models has expanded to encompass models, music, art, events, fitness, lifestyle, and more.

Arsenic encompasses
 Youth Culture
Arsenic collaborates with influencers of culture
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Arsenic is an influencer of influencers with one of the highest % celebrity followings of any media company in the world. Celebrities, artists, and luminaries are drawn to Arsenic because of shared core values: freedom of expression; open mindedness; kindness.