So today's the day, we finally made our way to our first destination of the Arsenic World Tour, Mexico City! So the Arsenic staff + talent all stuffed a year of our lives into one suitcase, and met at LAX in the morning to hop on a flight together for the Mexico City leg. Enjoy this cute lil video outtake by @MichelleXuxu.

We'll be creating the dopest and sexiest content with @AmberBorzotra, @AlaskanNikki, @AubreyDestremps, @Caitlin__Oconnor, @Layulyana and @AmberleighWest. Do y'all remember how we picked @Layulyana to join us just by posting and hash tagging with #ArsenicWorldTour

  @  Layulyana


According to the plan, we were supposed to be at our place by 6 PM, but of course why would that happen?! I mean we did make it safe and sound, and were served a delicious full course dinner at 2 AM. But that is after our car broke down, and after we had a dance party in the streets of Mexico City with the local police. Y'all know that anywhere we go, and any situation we're in it's always lit. 

So we pull up to the estate we're staying at, and this house looks like it came out of a Nat Geo mag. It's a complete naturalistic empire, with greenery and exotic plants harboring a beautiful, nostalgic Mexican mansion. Make sure for the rest of the trip, you follow our channels to keep up with the madness. (Snapchat: ArsenicTV, ArsenicFamily, ArsenicAudio, ArsenicPlus1 and Instagram: @Arsenic)