Maxin Relaxin' in Tepoztlán: Day 1


So for the next two days, we traveled to Tepoztlán, a smaller town only 45 minutes away from Mexico City. There’s something special about this town in particular. Tepoztlán is known for its sacred energy, protected and barricaded by a steep, and spectacular mountain that has been the center of worship for all sorts of religions since almost 1300 BC. 


There's something special about this town..

During our stay, we were completely spoiled at Hostel de la Luz, who we were connected with by @Phillippwalker. As we walk up to the gates, we take our first breaths of this crisp, clean air, ornamented with the smell of incense. We were greeted at the reception desk with a tour by the owner of the resort himself, Luis, with orange fused water and cold toilettes for our hands. Meanwhile, this isn’t your normal hotel front desk. Instead, it was an outside area decorated with sitting areas enclosed by bamboo. A couple steps in, we couldn’t help but notice a little pond at our feet, with a stone engraved with the Dalai Lama’s blessing for a point of peace in the world in February of 2006. Engraved in the stone is, “la paz empieza dentro de cada uno de nosotros cuando tenemos paz iterna podemos estar en paz con aquellos que nos rodean. Este sitio quedo declarado zuna de paz mundial por Dalai Lama..” which translates to, "Peace begins within each of us. When we have peace, we can be at peace with those around us. This site was declared a world peace zone by the Dalai Lama.."

As the tour continued by the owner himself, we walked past the bamboo barricade into a peaceful and majestic outdoor resort and spa. Scattered along the property are natural pools, mountain views, and areas for relaxation and meditation. In the center of the resort, lies a small pyramid marks the area with the largest amount of sacred energy on the property. Ends up, when the owner Luis bought the land, he along others couldn’t help but notice that when they walk through this particular area an overwhelming sensation goes through the body and makes the hair on your arms stand up. This energy is so undeniable, that even NASA tried to acquire it. 

The first activity we experienced at Hostal de la Luz was a an ancient Aztec temazcal ceremony, which is a spiritual healing guided by a shaman that cleanses the mind, body, and soul inside a clay sweat lodge. This ceremony symbolizes a rebirth with childlike happiness, and rids the body of hatred by giving the emotions to mother earth. Shit was definitely intense. We were all first overwhelmed with emotion, but after it felt as it was a memorable lifetime experience, and had felt the largest weight off our shoulders. As we depart from our experience, we pass a white stoopa that was asked by The Dalai Lama to be constructed for in the honor of World Peace. Luis mentioned that the construction process even included a drop of the Dalai Lama's blood.. 

After, the owner treated us to a four course pairing dinner, and you could probably imagine how ravenous we all were after the exhausting ceremony. We sat and indudlged in the delicacy, as we listened to mysterious stories about Tepoztlán told by Luis..