Maxin Relaxin' in Tepoztlán: Day 3

But for real.. who knew relaxation was so exhausting? After a rested night, we started the day off with some breakfast and finally were able to meet the chef that had blessed our tastebuds all these days. Ends up, the owner Luis, saw her cooking alongside her mother and was so impressed with her skills, he sent her to culinary school and has been the head chef of Hostal de la Luz for the past 10 years. 


After breakfast, we headed to the town of Tepoztlán to climb up the mountainside, for 2 miles each way to reach the top of a pyramid. Shit was so exhausting, but it was worth it. And of course, we got kicked out the pyramid because we had to sneak some topless photos overlooking the view from the pyramid, but how could we not? It was one of the most epic once in a lifetime experiences. 

After our trek, Luis & Hostel de la Luz treated us to one more meal: a barbecue besides one of the pools. We cannot express our gratitude for the hospitality and once in a lifetime experiences provided by both the town of Tepoztlán, and Hostel de la Luz. We all left feeling so refreshed. If any one of you get the opportunity to visit, it's a must. The spiritual energy in this magical town is undeniable.