Thanks to a couple relationships from our lady CEO, we had a dope opportunity to shoot and explore around a ranch of one of the world's largest art collectors. Once we pulled up to the iron gates, it just looks like any other ranch, with tons of land and animals grazing. It wasn't till we actually walked into the property and through the doors, we knew the magnitude of this 200,000 square foot property. 

We were greeted by the owner himself, Guillermo Rebolledo, in the main house on the property.  As we walk in, the first room we see boasts a huge dining room table, that seats more than 30 people. Behind the table on the wall, was a gold leaf replication of the last supper. Scattered around this dining area, was tons of original artwork by famous, world renowned painters such as Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, and Endara Crow.

As we walk past the dining and kitchen area and into the living room, theres dozens of taxidermy exotic and ranch animals decorating his space. According to Guillermo, these were all of his pets that once lived on the ranch. We continue our way forward into separate rooms, that sort of just look like museum displays. On the walls, there are murals from the floor to the ceiling, recreating traditional Mexican history and their struggle gaining independence from Spain.  

We close up the tour of the main house over some fancy plant infused tequila, and make our way over to another space on the property- the spa. As we walk through the glass doors, we're amazed that everything from the walls, to the floors are made of marble. Here, there's even more artwork, paintings, and sculptures by Picasso, Marin, John Pollock, and Fabelo to admire.. He even had paintings and sculptures that he've done by himself, of himself and his visions.

We walk past a giant indoor pool, and go into the different wings of the spa. There's full gyms, hot tubs dedicated to champagne showers, a salon, a movie theatre, a ballroom for world ambassador meetings, and even a department mall area made for designers and vendors, which also boasts a carousel in the middle surrounded by a magnificent marble spiral staircase. The most interesting wing of the spa, was the hospital, which uses the most advanced medical equipment for plastic surgery procedures and recovery, lead by the most talented surgeons. 

We closed the tour by saying hello to Guillermo's exotic pets, two tigers.. Ends up, we didn't even tour 20% of the property. We finished off the evening chill, with a light dinner so we could be prepared for the next day's shoot.