Local Townin' Around

So after a long night the night before, we all slept in and woke up to some bomb ass, authentic chilaquiles for breakfast. What's everyone's first (well, second after food) instinct when they wake up? Throw on a bikini.

We took some photographs until the mother of the owner's house, Andrea came through mid-day to bring us to the local Saint Anthony's Festival. We were stoked to see the local town for the first time. We walked down the cobble stoned streets and through the local neighborhood & park, which was covered with cute lil' rides for the kiddies and food vendors.

The walk proceeded, and we found ourselves in front of the Saint Anthony church, with a ton of locals feasting, & dancing to authentic and traditional Mexican vibes. It was a blast being able to experience some traditional Mexican culture. Did we mention the kiddies loved us too? Ends up, one of them recognized @AmberBorzotra from a past TV show. 

So we headed back, and as it was our first full day at the house we couldn't help but take photographs the rest of the day around the house and natural spring pools. We shot in some dope lil kinis by @SiempreGolden, @Montce_swim, @FiascoandPhoenix, @LeeandLani, @ScuptSwimwear, @RiotSwim, @ShopCarleyGlamOnline, @Aguabenditasw & @Hardswimwear