It's Independence day in America and we're still celebrating in Mexico! We were treated to some bomb ass omelettes by the kitchen staff, and got ready for the day's shoot. @SantiagoPGM came through the house to photograph models @yesyponcedeleon @Caitlin__oconnor, @guns_hott, @AlanaDuval, @ArtofPau, @Amberleighwest & @Layulyana

  BTS Photo by @ SantiagoPGM

BTS Photo by @SantiagoPGM

We always fuck with @SantiagoPGM creative eye. We shot some tropical vibes on the rope swing, on hammocks, and with some fruit until lunch. After, we decided to make some home-made jungle juice with the left over fruit. @Layulyana even smashed the coconut herself. We relaxed until dinner time, and then finished the evening off with some fireworks! 

The next day, we woke up and headed towards the city to visit one of the largest pyramids in Mesoamerica,  el Pirámide del Sol (the Pyramid of the Sun) and finished up with some lunch inside a restaurant in a cave, La Gruta. Legends say, that this sacred cave symbolized spiritual awakenings and rebirth. When guests arrive to eat, part of the tradition is to light a candle and place it inside the cave.