Photoshoot with @ElHartista

So as y’all know we’re in Mexico City which means we just have to link up and collab with one of the most popular photographers, El Hartista. We've linked up once before at the LA pad, and created some bomb. Him and his crew came through mid-day, bearing the most delicious of props like rainbow colored Doritos, Ice cream, and churros. 

We got a ton of epic content that day, from @Caitlin__oconnor delicately posing with flowers, to all the models lined up nude, embracing their beauty in the property’s natural spring. We can’t wait to see these photos!

While we're in Mexico, we're really absorbing how beautiful and simple this life is..

While we’re in Mexico, we’re really absorbing how beautiful and simple this life is. Later the evening, we walked through the town, went on some amusement rides and hit up a local bar. As for the carnival, all the rides were somewhat mechanic but most of them were only functioning with human strength. It was probably way more lit than a normal ride, considering the men twisting and turning us on the rides were having a blast getting us hella dizzy. The bar was as simple as a tent, some tables, booze, and music. For both experiences, the vibe and energy was just amazing, and it was even doper to see it because we had these epic experiences with the most simple ingredients. We didn't have to go to a fancy club, or to Six Flags to have a time like this. We simply walked down the street and enjoyed the local culture.