First Weekend In CDMX

Today was the first day we hit up Mexico City! We had amazing accommodations to stay at the Chaya B&B with a front row view of Alameda Park, right in the heart of the Historical Center and the heart of Mexico City. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with the most beautifully architectured government buildings and museums, spewing water fountains bearing historical statues in the center, music, dancing and food vendors. 


Chaya B&B is tight because it’s the third floor of Barrio Alameda, which houses an array of different creative projects and store fronts, such as artists, tattoo’s, boutiques, restaurants, and designers. You know we love that shit. Nothing is more epic than a hub of different sorts of creativity. 

Later the evening, we met up with local foodies @SaboraMX at an Mexican and Asian fusion restaurant for dinner and drinks called @BlackTaiga_. Oh, and some impromptu photoshoots in the bathroom. 

After we indulged, we all hit up a private club called @BabayagaClub. To get inside, we went through a restaurant and up a secret set of stairs. The club was plastered with red velvet and mirrors, the perfect setting to get weird for our first evening out in Mexico City.