Lingerie Photoshoots & Tattoos

So after a semi-rough night out at Baba Yaga, Chaya B&B treated us to breakfast, and we were off for a lingerie shoot at Hotel Carlota. As we walk through the ivy ceiling, we're greeted with the dopest vibes from the bar, which sat beside a glass pool. 

  Photoshoot sneak-peak by @ Rockolturriaga  of @ AubreyDestremps

Photoshoot sneak-peak by @Rockolturriaga of @AubreyDestremps

A few moments later, we meet up with our local Mexico City talent: European model @lasmadzene, and hella talented Mexico City based photographer @RockoIturriaga. But of course, no Arsenic photoshoot is complete without lingerie. @VictoriaHertel came through, and styled the girls beautifully in her lingerie boutique, @AmorAmi_MX, and even modeled her own lingerie that day. PS. @VictoriaHertel is inspirational as hell. She's a model, mom, and an entrepreneur. Read more about her, here

We wrapped up the shoot and headed to some dinner at the restaurant above our hotel, @azoteadelbarrio before we get tatted by girl boss, @fersanrat. She came through with her homie, hooked us up with some yats, and got her own photoshoot. Models @AubreyDestremps & @AmberleighWest got them official Arsenic tattoos, while @Layulyana got a crescent moon behind her ear.


@Layulyana, @AlaskanNikki, @AubreyDestremps, @Lasmadzene, @VictoriaHertel @AmberleighWest @AmberBorzotra 


@RockoIturriaga & @Perllllz


Hotel Carlota (photoshoot) & Chaya B&B (tattoos)


@Fersanrat & @Diego.Gamaliel


@AmorAmi_MX, @HZLBLZ