Another week, another WCW! So this Wednesday, we decided to enjoy ourselves at the Ice Cream Museum in LA with models @Mackenzie_Thoma, @Morgan_Ketzer, & @WhiitneyNicole. If you're not familiar with the Ice Cream Museum, it's a pop up museum that bounces locations around, showcasing ice cream inspired pop-art, and taste tests throughout the way.

We took a tour throughout, and took some shots with photographer @Bennie.LA & videographer, @Alexsprme wearing some pieces from @ThesePinkLips.  Enjoy the snap, below!




So for the first leg of the #ArsenicWorldTour we're kicking it in a beautiful house outside of Mexico City. With rope swings, two natural pools, and with the best traditional and Mexican nostalgic vibes, it's a tropical playhouse that we can't wait to create in!

During this day, we headed to the local festival happening in the town. Check out more photos from this day in the Arsenic World Tour Blog! 


Arsenic Takes Over Wet Republic & Omnia!

So our next 24 hours after Hakkasan, we rallied at Wet Republic's 10 year anniversary and opening weekend and continued over to Omnia Nightclub in the evening. From the Redbull Airforce dropping out of the sky onto thousands of pool partiers, to getting behind the DJ booth with @SteveAoki and @NervoMusic, this was a day to remember... that we all probably don't. Shit. We even ended up on Steve's and Nervo's snapchat this day (click their names to watch)!


The Dedication We Love: Arsenic Ink

The community is a part of Arsenic that has, and will always remain in our Bloodline. So when we see our community get Arsenic tattoos, that shit hits home!

Tune into this segment to see @Caitlin__OConnor  dedicate her first tattoo to the Arsenic symbol! Follow along to see other creatives in our community showing off their Arsenic ink such as @MichelleXuxu who is an employee at Arsenic, @Brenna_The_Bee who got her ink at an Arsenic party, or @Layulana who got her tattoo as a dare during our "Snap It If You Can" segments, WE LOVE Y'ALL!