@Amberleighwest by @Perllllz from our Mexico City leg. 

@Amberleighwest by @Perllllz from our Mexico City leg. 


It's official, the gang's headed to Chicago, Illinois from July 18th through August 21st for our second leg. 

Have travel suggestions IN CHICAGO? Know which models, photographers, artists, and just DOPE people we should create with, or should we create with YOU? email worldtour@Arsenic.tv

Michelle Xuxu, Paizley Laura, and Stephanie Sherry en route to Hakkasan x Arsenic Vegas trip. Photo by Perla Diaz.

Michelle Xuxu, Paizley Laura, and Stephanie Sherry en route to Hakkasan x Arsenic Vegas trip. Photo by Perla Diaz.

you're invited.

MOSTLY, we're on digital platforms. But this time, we're coming to you. Instagram your dopest photo, Hashtag #ArsenicWorldTour and tag @Arsenic in your caption. We'll be choosing fellow creatives from our audience to join!

@Layulyana photographed by @Perllllz from our Mexico City leg. 

@Layulyana photographed by @Perllllz from our Mexico City leg. 


Arsenic is a by the people, for the people, lifestyle, digital media, and creative community full of artists, photographers, models, and all around DOPE PEOPLE. We break the barrier between a company and the audience, by democratizing media by crowdsourcing ALL of our content. You create something, or see something else that's dope? On Instagram, hashtag #Arsenic and tag @Arsenic, and let us know. 

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Our first stop was Mexico City from June 12th, to July 12th. Next, we're going to Chicago, and is also tentatively scheduled to be in Miami, November 15th through December 20th. We're also looking at Nashville, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Scottsdale, Austin, and Boston before hitting Europe. Where are the dopest places in the world for us to stop? Should we come see you?

Email WorldTour@Arsenic.TV or text 797979. Let us know where we should go. Especially if you have a hookup there, because all of your help on the tour is what’s going to make this shit next level! In particular, we're looking for hookups in: lodging & accommodations, travel, local eateries.

Paizley Laura shot by Perla Diaz.

Paizley Laura shot by Perla Diaz.

why a world tour?

Because the #1 request we get is to come visit the Arsenic House. 96% of you don't live in LA, so we’re bringing a "pop up" Arsenic House to you. We'll stay in each city about 1 month to fully integrate into that culture and community before we head to the next city.

Arsenic has it's headquarters in YOUR city.

We will cast local talent, weave ourselves into the fabric of the city, and get to know potential Arsenic Ambassadors. Those Ambassadors will lead the Arsenic effort in that city after the tour has departed. We may also find models and talent we'll take on the tour with us from there.

for the people, by the people

We believe the most powerful part of Arsenic is the vibe that you only experience in person. At the Arsenic House artists are live painting and exhibiting their work on the walls, music artists are performing, models and photographers are shooting, and we’re partying (of course).

Every month we have an “open staff meeting” where we welcome all of you from the community to speak their minds with an equal voice in deciding wtf Arsenic is gonna do next. That’s how we make sure Arsenic is YOURS. In each city we visit, we'll be having "Open Staff Meetings." Are you coming?