Arsenic Visuals: Come Feel Me

What was my inspiration?

We wanted to shoot around a fresh water spring and feed off the refreshing energy and cool waters.. Florida is extremely hot and humid and with the spring and I wanted to create a relaxed yet intimate, sexy feel.

What was the vibe like? 

Very fun and energetic, lots of laughs. The pictures you see are the only serious, composed moments we had. During the shoot, we played some chill and upbeat music to keep the vibe.

It was definitely a memorable shoot. To get to the waterfall we shot at we had to climb over a wooden fence and tread through a waist deep river. While jumping the fence I completely ripped my shorts vertically down the backside, as embarrassing as it was it was honestly hilarious!

Model @schrothhaleigh

Photographer @ant.deleo

Vibe Supplier: @j.dubes