Arsenic Visuals: "Embrace"

"For years there has been a void when it comes to creatively showcasing different appearances in the realm of fashion photography. This is not because diversity does not exist, but because we are unaccustomed to seeing or even associating it with anything other than the preset standard of beauty.



"Throughout time, we have been conditioned to

accept one vision, and those that stray farther from that vision are often rejected en mass."

The idea of Embrace came about when my relentless search of body diversity through the archives of my favourite artist is resulted in a blank slate. It was then that I visualized something different, yet with the same captivating end results. With diversity comes inclusiveness, and a starting point for changing present norms. Embrace is not only about presenting this diversity, but having it welcomed with open arms."

Photographer: @1Kibby

Model: @YolieYolandaXO

MUA: @SsquaredArtistry

DOP: @ADotJames

Excerpt: @1Kibby