Arsenic Gallery: Eye Message

"A little more context on my art form?

Imagine a cosmos where your secrets come to life. Think about the most personal entity for us millennials—our text messages. Using Photoshop, I wanted to cultivate a safe space for individuals to view their intimate messages, and connect to their very raw and real emotions through art.

How do I make my art? 

It truly varies on the circumstance. Usually I start with a text conversation, but there are times where I'll be flipping through a magazine and produce something ex nihilo. Trust me when I say ripping paper has never been more fun. I am currently using vintage Playboy magazines, along with some digital imagery to create a storyline for the texts.  


What Inspires me? 

Being progressive enables me to find a muse in virtually everything. Whether it's from a random conversation with a wonderful someone I just met on the street, or the piercing red circle notification letting me know I’ve received a screenshot of texts from someone. I am inspired by the simplest of all things- your thoughts. I feel such humbleness knowing people trust me with something as precious as their mind. However, the true pleasure of cutting a woman out, from a place where she was intentionally meant to be objectified, and giving her new meaning, tops it all...BY FAR. 


I am in inspired by the simplest of all things- your thoughts

What's the vibe around me that promotes the best of my creativity? 

NEW ALBUMS FSHO! When the latest music gets released I am like a hamster on a running wheel--you can't stop me. I’ve also discovered I need to be in the right headspace in order to create. If I ever feel pressure to design, I pause what I'm doing and go for a drive, or hang out with friends. My art needs to come organically or it doesn't leave my desktop.

Were you always doing collages or did it transpire from something else?

I grew up wanting to express myself creatively, but felt exceptionally limited due to the fact that I was absolutely horrible at sketching and painting. I spent my high school career in a film-developing darkroom; endlessly praying this would be my niche in the creative world...only to realize that I wasn't quite there yet. I found Photoshop last summer and have never looked back. Photoshop is my escape from reality. Collage was my missing enigma. "

Digital Artist: @LeahWolchin