Arsenic Visuals: Soul of the Sun


Where was this shot, what was the vibe?

@ConniexAndrade and I shot this at my studio in Los Angeles, just before Christmas 2016. It's always a joy shooting Connie; she's a ball of beautiful light and endless energy and it shows through in images. I love her to death!



"Keep it vibey ~smoke some weed~ and just let the creativity free flow." 

What was our inspiration?

We love styling our own shoots so we can vibe and not have too many people on set to clutter and distract us on set, plus the clothing isn't important at all. @ConniexAndrade could be wearing a paper bag and she would kill it. As for the process, we kept it vibey ~~ smoke some weed ~ ~ and just let the creativity free flow. 

Photographer: @EastonSchirra

Model: @ConniexAndrade

H&MUA: @LuisaFerMakeup