Arsenic Visuals: Can't We Fuck & Still Be Friends?

DSCF4282 copy-2.jpg

What was the inspiration?

You know that awkward moment when you know another kick ass artist on Instagram and run into them in real life but don't know them personally? Yeah, it wasn't awkward. We met at the front row of a Snoop Dogg concert, turned up, and decided we were gonna shoot.

What was the vibe like?

It's hard explaining the feeling when you're working with a high-caliber model and just know some fuckin' magic is gonna be made. Most of the time we were head bobbin to classic dirty ass rap songs. Plus, we had some rad clothes from @rebelsoul_collective to fit the vibe and give the attitude behind "Can't We Fuck & Still Be Friends."

Photographer: @SeannyRiv

Model: Haley Neusch!

Wardrobe: @RebelSoul_Collective