Arsenic Visuals: Zee Bree

Where was I born, where did I grow up?

I was born unexpected and by surprise.. However, I still keep a good memory of being born. Growing up, my mother wasn't there and I have always been "anti the established" and extremely self sufficient. Two years ago, I was born again, this time in Los Angeles. But this birth was different- I was reborn metaphysically as an artist. 

I came from the land of Don Quijote, the landscape that inspires Salvador Dalí, the sun who saw the birth of Picasso, the same kingdom’s court of Velazquez and so many other “hidalgos” and “conquistadores”. Spain, where we don’t live but celebrate life. 

Myself, along with "Los Madrileños" came from this artist phenomenon. 

How did I first get into photography?

Two years ago, photography captivated my full attention. So much, that I dropped everything I was doing to pursue this universal curiosity.

I've have always a tremendous need to communicate through art. In addition, I have always been impulsive, delusional, and passionate about everything I do. Everything I do is full heartedly, and I either love it or hate it- nothing in between. When I'm excited about something I'm working on, I could careless about the distractions of everything else. I always have to finish what I started. Right now, this passion is photography but tomorrow it could be painting, but I will always stay creating. 

Have I done any traveling, or been through other experiences that contributed to my outlook of life & my creative craft?

I come from and heritage of painters and genius, I’ve been breastfeed with art.

My work history includes areas of media & entertainment, and soon moved to advertising. Here, I became a reputed creative director & a master in the art of communication. After all that, ends up though, I find myself circling back to my first passion: photography. 

What's my inspiration?

H.R. Giger, Moebius, and painters like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and “El Greco” among my favorites are my inspiration. Thanks to these hours dedicated to studying these great geniuses is where I learned that there were other mediums to convey messages, different than those I had been previously taught.

“Nobody sees things as they really are since “reality” doesn't exist. It's only the fruit of our conformist interpretive ability.”

Nobody sees things as they really are since “reality” doesn't exist. It's only the fruit of our conformist interpretive ability.

Hector Puig 

What made me move to LA? 

I came to LA to give my kids a better future also to find a challenge by changing the game.

I love the diversity, respect and recognition for art and it's artists in Los Angeles. I hate the gap between a good artist and one artist that gets paid. I hate the solitude this city can host, for there is a multitude of people living in loneliness. 

Any personal life goals and milestones of mine?

I've fortunately achieved most of the goals in my life. Now I just would like to be myself. I want to be able to provide to my family as a photographer, to be remembered by them as an artist who did what he loved the most. I want to grow old in a studio, creating weird photographs, painting and drinking with friends in between where life happens.

Anything I'm currently working on?

I would love to compose a photo about the "last supper" but instead it will be the "first supper." The setting will be when the church started to take benefit off the story of Jesus. In this photo, the apostles will be represented by blood sucking vampires while the other characters in this photo will be represented by the society's oppressed: elderly people, mentally ill individuals, and prostitutes.

I hope that this photo provokes a reaction that both irritates, and awakens people. As an artist I'm obligated to provoke a provocative reaction, or else I couldn't call myself an artist. 


Photographer & Interviewee: @Puig_Photography

Model @BreeParsons