Arsenic House Chronicles

WTF ARE the Arsenic House Chronicles?

The #1 request we get is to come visit the Arsenic House. That’s only been increasing. Since we rocked the #ArsenicWorldTour, submissions doubled and we just reached 1 million total submissions to be part of Arsenic.

We just got a newer, bigger house in LA, but it still isn’t big enough to fit all million of y’all in the pool. So, we started this weekly all-access 411. Every week we write about what went down the week before and send it to you, starting…. NOW

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Arsenic is for you, by you, and anyone can be a part of it.

The Arsenic TRIBE is our community of photographers, models, stylists, hair and make-up artists, producers, curators, musicians, artists, graphic designers and all around dope people who want to be part of what we're doing on the reg.

Arsenic Tribe

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The Arsenic TRIBE is our community of creatives, fans, and family, who go beyond their own creative and business pursuits to be part of the Arsenic movement and contribute time and energy into moving us all forward together.

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