Visions We Love: @AndreaMete

It's just another day browsing the internet, when we come across @AndreaMete's raw, and uncut photography. We couldn't help but dive into his mind with some questions. 

How did I get into photography?

It just happened. Ever since I was a child I had a great curiosity. Walking down the streets my attention would be caught by something, a moment ... a situation. Having a camera allowed me to stop time, forever. Personally I think photography is one of the most beautiful things in the world, it allows you to look through someone else's eyes. Some of the times in a very intimate way. I couldn’t live without shooting, It has become an involuntary reflex.

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A little about myself?

I was born in Rome, Italy. A wonderful city stuck in time, for better or for worse. Nowadays, I am a creative person due to my family and friends that have always supported my life choices. From my first Polaroid (when I was 7 years old), to when I asked kids in Guatemala to draw what my photos would make them feel, this is how I created "YOUNG EYES," a personal exhibit presented in New York when I was 20 years old, at the Chelsea Art Museum. Creativity grows with love and patience, just as plants do with care and water.

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Creativity grows with love and patience, just as plants do with care and water.

My largest inspiration?

I find it to be the biggest amusement park there is. 

Traveling has opened my mind and inspires even the tiniest things I do. Traveling by myself has opened my eyes to this World. From the places I've explored to the people I've met, their stories have shaped my character and the way I see humanity. At the end of the day, we all wake up, eat, make love, work. We do the same things in different ways, due to culture, education, family… this is what truly makes each one of us unique. 

Traveling helped me realize how important women are for each culture, they represent life in all it’s broad spectrum, love, culture, fashion, family, development and many other things.

My ideal creative environment?

I don't have an ideal environment. Any corner could be a spectacular game between lights and shadows. Which in photography can be a breath taking result. I can state I love light, natural light.

My ideal photoshoot?

Street photography has inspired me to be very passionate of each person I’d shoot, in particularly Women. 

I think the perfect shooting would be the one that happens as a team, where model and photographer inspire each other. They should both be in sync, usually the best photos start happening after a warm up, as both artists have time to meet each other. 

The silence, the movements, the energy between photographer and model grow as the shooting proceeds, it’s like getting to know each other with no words required. Some sort of soul reading, we could say. 

Trust plays a big role, the perfect model, would be a creative women. Just then it’s when the magic truly happens and amazing pictures come to life. 

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What else is on my bucket list of creativity?

Let’s say I have more than a couple of projects. Right now im working on an exhibition about The Freedom of Women. Slowly but surely im also working into getting my name out there, in order to be able to collaborate with interesting and creative people, its not easy. Nowadays we are fortunate to have social media. 

I would love to meet more models and creative people to develop projects around the world. As my dream is that of always working with those whom are passionate of what they do, teamwork and sharing are fundamental. 

Happiness (and beauty) is real only when shared.

Photographer & Interviewee: @AndreaMete