Views from the Snap: Exposed Light

There are just some personalities you may see on social media, that no matter how great they are at capturing and sharing themselves on their socials, they are just even more captivating and interesting in real life. @Savannahlynx is one of them. The more we get to know her and peel back those layers beyond her social media stories, the more in love we are with her beauty and talents. Keep reading to learn about these layers:

Where am I from?  

I was born and raised in rural Northern New Jersey.  To give you an idea of what that was like, close your eyes and imagine polo shirts, toast points, Ivy Leave degrees, and golf.  In my preppy world, I was the black sheep.  From the outside looking in, it seemed like I was part of that culture, but in reality I felt more like an infiltrator than anything.  In high school I balanced straight A’s with wild nights out in NYC, coming home just in time for first period.  I competed at Miss Teen USA, sang on stages around the country, and had a razor sharp competitive edge all while having a knack for bending the rules just before they’d break.  What I’ve learned from my upbringing is that I’m the type of woman who can burn the candle at both ends, make a killing but also save a life, and do everything or even nothing at all in a way that is uniquely my own.  My creative vision is spurred on by the incongruent nature of the unexpected, which is why I believe I’m the personification of the woman you might expect to be one way, but is in fact entirely another. 

What was it that happened in my life, that I credit my passion & drive to?

It was the morning after my 21st birthday.  Painfully hungover and unhappy, I took a hard look at my life and realized I was in a downward spiral of partying, bad people, and dollar pizza.  I was attending the prestigious Fordham University in NYC at the time, but in all honesty, I was a total wreck.  After three years of plummeting further and further down the rabbit hole, I hit rock bottom. It was then that my life changed forever.  Fear was no longer a word in my vocabulary.  The only thing I could do was change from what I had become and the only place I could go was up.  The next day I dropped out of college and made plans to seriously pursue my entertainment career in Los Angeles.  Long story short, I accidentally on purpose missed my flight home and have been living on the West Coast ever since.

What other avenues do I pursue, besides modeling?

For starters, I’m a singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, and writer.  But if who you are is what you do I’d also say I’m a modern day philosopher, unorthodox theologian, accidental fitness guru, part time bartender, and surf lesson coordinator.  Oh, and I also work at a juice bar most mornings...Ya, I think that just about covers it. 

What inspires me?

I see God in everything that exists.  Most of my dialogue with our Higher Power takes place during my daily 8 mile beach run in Santa Monica.  During that time, I’m able to sync my vibrational energy with the sky, sea, and clouds and experience heightened levels creativity and clarity.  

What's my ideal, creative vibe that makes me feel the most free?

I’m not sure I could describe it.  I think when you limit your vision you chain it to expectation as opposed to letting it create itself.  Working with talented, passionate people in a great location is all I need.  The best creating is always organic, and by letting the vibe unfurl at its own pace is the key to making something truly inspired. 

What's my creative struggle?

I’m a chameleon.  Whether I like it or not, I take on the colors of those I surround myself with.  There’s a lot of different versions of me, so it’s vitally important that I remember to disconnect from others every so often and remind myself what MY true colors are.  Maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself is one of the most valuable things an artist can do to support his or her creativity.  Never losing sight of who God is calling you to be is tantamount to the quality of your product. 

If I could improve one aspect of myself..

I need to be a better listener.  Quite frankly, I talk way too effing much.  It’s best to speak only when it’s an improvement on silence. ***I didn’t just come up with that, it’s a famous quote lol. 

What wakes me up in the morning? What's my average day like?

I feel like my life takes a 180 degree turn every three months.  Six months ago I was single, traveling across the country writing my jazz/blues album with a Grammy winning producer, drinking fireball every night and wearing pigtails every day.  Three months ago I fell in love with a surfer who tattooed my name on his right hand, started waking up at 4:30am daily, began working 5 part-time jobs, and attend church almost every Sunday.  These days, I’m woken up by a kiss and a cup of French roast coffee as I watch the sunrise next to my man.  Life is quite exceptional when you’re in love with something or someone at all moments of the day.


My dream shoot is a synergistic effect that takes place when all the pieces unexpectedly create something that is greater than the sum of its parts..


My dream photoshoot?

My dream photoshoot isn’t a concept, location, or outfit.  It’s a vibe.  It’s that synergistic effect that takes place when all the pieces unexpectedly create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.  My dream photoshoot is something that could resinate with every single person who sees it in a deep, meaningful way.

What are some personal goals for the future?

I think God’s greatest gift to me is that I’m able to fall in love with something new almost daily.  What I need to figure out next is how to best use this gift to further myself and those around me.  I know my future lies somewhere in the entertainment world, but whether that means acting, singing, writing, or inspirational speaking, I can’t be too sure.  Only time will tell. 


Model: @SavannahLynx

Photographer: @SDRPick