Supermodel Mom: @victoriahertel

Photo by @Emanuel_Hidalgo

Photo by @Emanuel_Hidalgo

So as you know, Arsenic is for the people, by the people. At our stay in Mexico City, we collaborated with lingerie boutique @Amorami_mx, ran by super mom & model, @VictoriaHertel. As a mother, gorgeous model, and brilliant entrepreneur, she is everything we stand for at Arsenic. We couldn't help but want to get to know her a little bit better. 

Photo by @Emanuel_Hidalgo

Photo by @Emanuel_Hidalgo

Where am I from?

I was born in Argentina, from a family that is half German, and half Italian. The most important influence is the love for beauty and aesthetic, the love for simplicity and nature too. 

Any personal experiences that molded me to who I am now?

Being born a woman, and the conditions we're forced to live in impacted me deeply. I think in this world of men, it is a disadvantage that we have to learn a completely new universe of things because everything we know has been taught at the convenience of men. In a masculine world, women can't do a lot of things, and the accomplishments and actions that we do aren't enough. This has driven most of my passions and actions, and of course my brain baby: Amor a Mi. 

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"There is only one person you should wear lingerie for.. YOURSELF."


How did I start my lingerie boutique?

I realized that it isn't right for a woman to feel uncomfortable in beautiful lingerie, and that there is only one person in the world you should wear lingerie for: YOURSELF. So I decided to open the market up a bit, and let Mexican women be exposed to worldwide brands. I want to let women know that it is okay to be who we are. Women have to realize that we are amazing creatures, and to learn to accept and love ourselves.

As a model, I've been struggling for years from the advice and practices in the modeling industry, that are instead extremely harmful for ourselves. We have to love ourselves as we are, and keep searching for the best versions of ourselves starting at deep self-love and acceptance. 

Every entrepreneur and creative has their personal struggle. What's mine?

My personal struggle is related to time restraints. Sometimes, I feel as I have no time for anything, as Mexico City is large, full of traffic jams, and with a daughter and business to take care of. It's difficult accomplishing objectives in a country that isn't very feminist, and where being a female can be seen as a disadvantage.

I try to be organized, realistic, and flexible about time. To keep me going, I think about all the things I've already accomplished, so I don't care for men telling me, "You can't do this." 

What else is on my bucket-list of creativity?

I want to make people know and recognize Amor a Mi, and to grow it to serve multiple purposes to women worldwide. I want to continue specializing and studying about health, so I can take care of myself and my family. 

Photo by @Emanuel_Hidalgo

Photo by @Emanuel_Hidalgo

Super mom, model & entrepreneur: @VictoriaHertel

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