The Hot New Hip Hop Producer: Who Does Everything on his iPhone?

Image via WIRED

Image via WIRED

We're loving the hustle coming from this iPhone hip hop producer, Steve Lacy. Although Garageband is an unconventional setup for music producing, we respect that, reported by Wired "'he proves a point working off his iPhone: tools don't matter.'

"Tools don't matter...he wants to remind people that the performance, the song, and the feeling matter.."

This is proven true, as his recognition started when he was 'accidentally nominated' for a Grammy for the 2015 funk-R&B-soul album Ego Death with The Internet. Now, he's produced beats on albums such as J.Cole's 4 Your Eyez Only and Kendrick Lamar's Damn. He also released his first solo material earlier this year. Oh, and somewhere in there he also graduated high school."

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