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Arsenic Girl with more views than Kylie Jenner?


Arsenic Girls are gonna mob in style to the G-Eazy show in Austin, Thursday 8/9.

If you’re Arsenic Girl material and wanna roll in the VIP with us, stop what you’re doing right now. Literally STOP. And hit us on this email with your Insta & cell.

We have much love for Stillhouse & G-Eazy and already had a dope time at the show in San Diego. We were backstage with Lil Uzi Vert. ON stage with G-Eazy. In the pit with a dancing robot. Kelsie Jean Smeby, Michelle Xuxu, and Destiny Kaye rolled with Stillhouse contest winners and sisters Tori & Kyra Green and the squad kept it lit af.

Remember. We don’t follow rules and they don’t like that.


Once a month we do something for our community - yeah, das YOU. This Friday we did happy hour out at Jalapeno Pete’s for 2 reasons: 1) Before we blew up, our staff would go there for tacos (they had a different name back then); 2) They fuck with Stillhouse heavy and Stillhouse is fam for us.

We had free drinks lined up for 50 people (about how many we expected to show up), but over 120 people hit the spot with us. Our vibe is our tribe. The scene was chill and dope af. Tori & Kyra Green (the contest winners from the G-Eazy show in San Diego) rolled. Ashley Dane Clark, Misty Mason, Daria Rottenberk, Mallory Suzanne brought fire.Arsenic fam OG’s Brighton Asher and Angelique W. Artist extraordinaire Pau. Queen Bee,Michelle Xuxu, and many more.

Some of you have your own parties coming up. So if you’re getting ready to rock it, we wanna help you live your best life. Reply to this email with the details and we’ll see about getting you a hookup on party supplies.


Alana Duval always has an atomic level of energy. She always seems to be rocking Adidas. And Alana Duval is always killing the game on Snapchat. She has now hit a million views per snap.

We hear that’s on the same level as billionaire Kylie Jenner, but the exact numbers aren’t public. At Snap’s height DJ Khaled was getting 2 million views per Snap, so we’ll let you do the math.

What we know for sure is Alana Duval is Arsenic fam. A core Arsenic Girl who we put on Snap when we were first blowing up.

Now Alana is a brand queen. Featured in every high-end magazine from Cosmo to Elle. And modeling for major brands from Nordstrom to Free People.

We also know she has a heart of gold. She’s from Brownsville, Texas. About 5 minutes from the border of Mexico and 25 miles from South Padre Island (famous for Spring Break madness). She’s Latina and still speaks Spanish with her friends and family. Since high school she has done it all. Track & field, gymnastics, ballet, hip hop dance, volunteering at the local hospital. She was even a DJ in college, back before female DJs were a thing.

Then (in Alana’s own words):

For some reason modeling kept calling me...One night as I was looking at open calls in NYC I noticed a casting call for a TV show with Naomi Campbell. Something just clicked and told me to try out for the show. I flew out to NYC and the auditions were held on my birthday. It just seemed like the stars were aligning the right way. The line of beautiful girls went around the building and down the block to no end. I went in one room and then to another for about 12 hours. It was so crazy, all the girls I had gone in with at the beginning of the day were no longer with me any more most had all been cut. The casting crew loved me and told me to fill out some paperwork, and submit more photos. About three weeks later I was called to go to Los Angeles, California where I was with the top 50 girls and we had to do more intensive castings where they would pick the top 12 girls to go on the show. I was notified that I was a finalist so they flew me out to start filing for the show in NYC I ended up winning fan favorite where America got to vote for me. Didn't win the top prize but it was still pretty awesome working with Naomi Campbell. After the show I set out to start finding agencies on my own and have since lived in NYC, Miami, LA, and France.

We’re currently plotting a game-changer collab together so stay tuned, or hit us up if you want to get involved. Forward On & Click Below to Roll With Us

Spread the love. Share this with your people you feel are right to be part ofArsenic. Have them click here (or on the image above) to join our list for the ArsenicChronicles.

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