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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

WTF is the Arsenic House Chronicles?

Arsenic House. That’s only been increasing. Since we rocked the #ArsenicWorldTour, submissions doubled and we just reached 1 million total submissions to be part of Arsenic.

We just got a newer, bigger house in LA, but it still isn’t big enough to fit all million of y’all in the pool. So, we started this weekly all-access 411 (old school reference, let us know if you get it). Every week we’ll write about what went down the week before… Starting……. NOW.

ArsenicTV on Cable TV?

The most dramatic action of the past week is that we began the casting process for a cable TV show we have in development. Can’t give too many details of the show yet, but the producer we partnered with went through a master list of all the Arsenic Girls we work with and starting interviewing some about the show. More to come on that. Much love to our agency UTA for hooking us up on this one.

This is one of 4 shows we have in development. One with a major studio you’d know. Another with the producer of one of the all time biggest TV shows in history. One with a producer who used to run the largest broadcast network. And we got invited in for a general meeting with the largest TV platform in the world.

If you wanna be in a show with us or have an idea for what an Arsenic show on TV should be, email WorldTour@Arsenic.TV.

Does Arsenic do Art?

Fuck yeah we do art. Always have. An exec from Warner Bros Records said “The Arsenic House is like Andy Warhol’s The Factory meets The Playboy Mansion.” We have an art channel on Insta & Snap called @ArsenicGallery. Btw, we also have a music channel on Insta & Snap called @ArsenicAUDIO. To get a sense of our range peep our reel here.

ANYWAY... on V-Day, art duo The Kaplan Twins came by. They had hung the week prior when @northwestnick from Capitol Records was in the house. They vibed out with@rubeswastaken, who rocks our music department, @michellexuxu the ultimate talent plug, and the rest of the squad. Looks like the vibe was right, because they came back to do an Arsenic shoot with Australian, female photog @sonnychaotic.

We’ve also had mad artists in the house recently. OG Arsenic Girl artist @artofpau was here live painting (if you keep an eye out on the stories you may clock a version of thisshe did for Arsenic). @megzany artist founder of Courage Has No Gender was in the house. Remember we made a contribution for each of y’all to that cause? We are talking to Meg about an installation here at the house, and Arsenic’s female founder, Amanda Micallef has been overseeing that.

Fuck it Friday

Seems like we’re getting in the habit of having shoots at the house on Fridays, because the past 3 Fridays have been vibes af. Check out the story on Snap & Insta this Friday to see, and heads up we have #FirstFridays = the first Friday of every month, we open up the house for an Open Staff Meeting. Kinda like a town hall meeting where fans, friends, and fam come together with us to have an open dialogue about Arsenic and help us shape what we do. If you’re gonna be in LA and wanna be part of that, email WorldTour@Arsenic.TV.

This past Friday was lit. We found out Arsenic was featured in a book called How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars by Billy Gallagher. A quote from the book, “Arsenic has added new accounts dedicated to music, art, and bts content to their family of channels. They’ve done music collaborations with A-listers like Diplo, Skrillex, Jeremih, and Dillon Francis… the result is that people to their friends to check out Arsenic just like DJ Khaled…”

@dreysdiary was back in the mix this past Friday. We reminisced about when we first started working with her (back when she had like 20k followers, before she blew up to her current 300k). Right now she’s on her take over the world flow. @leeanajacobs was also here shooting with @careyhess. She’s a new face that’s been here a couple times now and you guys seem to like her. Maybe she’ll become a regular. Let us know what you think. @destinykayep was here again too after she covered the Fetty Wap show for us a couple weeks ago. She drove like an hour to be here so much love to her.

And we’re proud that we bring artists together. At one point, @johnnycinematic,@shannovision, and @careyhess we’re all chopping it up by the pool. Was cool to see these A-list photographers chill, rather than compete with each other.

Motivational Monday

A lot more happened too, but damn this shit is long already. So we’ll close out with the fitness segment we’ve been doing on Mondays = #MotivationalMondays. We wished @martamielczarskaa a happy birthday on Sunday (she’s helped inspire fitness at Arsenic). This past squad included @mallorysuzanne_ and @artofpau. Notably tho,@kendrazager and @miss_angeliquew joined. We love that because each worked on our staff originally. @miss_angeliquew in the OG days when we were just getting started. And @kendrazager after we had blown up (she had worked at MTV and Playboy prior doing social media). It was dope to see each of these women who used to support others as influencers & models, now launching their own careers. Much love to them!

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