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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

#FirstFridays = Town Hall

The #FirstFridays of every month we have an Arsenic Town Hall Meeting. This Friday, March 2nd will be the first at the new Arsenic House in the hills of Los Feliz in Los Angeles, CA.

If you’re gonna be near LA and wanna join, just reply to this email.

What’s a Town Hall meeting? They started at the beginning of Arsenic. We’d have staff meetings of our little 3 person staff and we’d post on Instagram asking who wants to join. People from the community would come into the meeting and we’d make decisions together about what Arsenic should do and how. The key is that everyone’s voice was treated as equal. And with a community of people showing us love, we grew together.

It’s gotten much bigger by now. We have 25 spaces now, and we go through all of the submissions to invite a cross section of people wanting to help shape Arsenic. So whether you’re a fan, an artist, aspiring model, an Arsenic collaborator, photographer, music artist, or really just anyone dope who fucks with Arsenic, we love having you be part of the discussion with us.

What We Mean by #GirlPower

Once again the vibes were flowing at the Arsenic House on Friday. What made this past Friday a lil different?

We had a dope discussion sesh. The topic? “Insta Models” vs. “Real Models” 

It started organically. A group of us (like 6-10) were in the kitchen chilling. Maddy (not her real name - she didn’t want her name repeated for these purposes) mentioned a serious issue her former roommate had. Maddy is a model signed with a major agency. Her roomie was also.

And that major agency told her roomie, “you have 1 week to lose 1 inch [from your waistline] or we’re sending you back to Oregon.” Maddy’s roomie freaked out. She turned to some unhealthy methods to try to lose the 1 inch in a week. The result? Her agency still sent her home.

One of the Arsenic core squad was livid. What right do these people have to tell a woman what to do with her body, how to look, or how to live!? At Arsenic we say to everyone who collabs with us: Do you! Be you! Live your life! And don’t give a fuck what anyone else says about it. That’s what we mean by #GirlPower

That’s been the beauty of social media. It used to be that if you were under 5’8” the major agencies wouldn’t even give you a 2nd look. Now, anyone with ANY look can jump on social media and put our their message to the world. If it resonates, they can build an audience. With NO gatekeeper. No power structure telling them what people will like. That’s what Arsenic embraced from our birth - forget about the establishment, the world is changing and the people have the power!

We’ve worked with a really wide range of women. Agency models, fitness models, you name it. We’ve even met with top people from the major agencies, but we never limit to just agency looks. Just this Friday here at the Arsenic House @vendelali was rocking her shaved head and dope vibes. @leeanajacobs was here again (she’s an agency model that’s fast becoming fam). @xogumbyy was intelligent and analytical about her choices to build a “male friendly” brand and blow up to 239k followers in only a few months. And fresh face @akiladahun was checking things out. She has her own skin care line and hasn’t considered herself a “model,” but she seemed to feel comfortable as we saw her jump in and start shooting.

Miska in Beast Mode

For #MotivationalMondays we had a boxing workout sesh. @miskasykora has been our go-to stylist. She’s also a model. We didn’t know her boxing skills. She’s the one who brought in @eddiearrazola to give a free boxing workout to the squad invited.

What blew our mind was watching @miskasykora go #BeastMode. She’s more than gorgeous - she can kick ass. Go comment on her Insta and ask her to post one of the videos of her killing the boxing game.

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