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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Bud Light Brings Arsenic to Mexico

Bud Light has hired Arsenic

Word? True af. To bring the Arsenic House vibe to the Bud Light Hotel in Mexico for a music festival.

We’re taking 3-4 of you with us, so hit Duolingo for some Spanish lessons and reply to this email if you wanna roll with us.

What’s the Bud Light Hotel? Bud Light has done a full takeover of one of the dopest Hotels in Mexico. They know how to do it right and they’ve created an incredible experiential destination for music artists; industry types; and influencers. They have everything…. Except that Arsenic vibe.

Bud Light saw what Arsenic has been doing as we grow our music vertical, art, and most of all the sense of community you are all apart of. So they hit us up to join them and now Bud Light Hotel domination is complete.

They got connected to us through one of you. Which we love, so we want to get you all even more involved as Arsenic continues to expand. Hit us anytime at Partnerships@Arsenic.TV about other dope business opportunities like this.

Standing Room Only at Arsenic

We had the Arsenic Town Hall meeting and it was sick. It rained, but the turnout was much bigger than we expected.

There weren’t enough chairs for everyone, people were sitting on the floors, standing, and even spilling out into an overflow area. It was an open discussion and everyone had an equal voice to discuss who we are and where we go from here. Some things that came up.

Amanda (Arsenic’s female founder) is Badass Amanda our female founder get an incredible ovation. We talked about how she’s a female Formula race car driver; kicked ass in the the Gumball Rally; became a casting director at age 18; produced her first movie at age 24 (which featured Julia Roberts), is on the board of 6 companies; and is a champion of the sex-positive feminism movement that is her motivation for Arsenic.

Arsenic Supports Creatives The theme that kept coming is how Arsenic is a Community of creatives that supports one another, and that the Arsenic House is an environment where creatives flourish.

One aspect of that was female sexual empowerment. Several women spoke up to say they love what Arsenic stands for: that a woman can be sexy and more than sexy all in one woman. They said that too often if a woman is perceived as sexy, it’s assumed she must not be as smart, or capable, or talented, or valuable. But that at Arsenic it’s clear that if a woman chooses to be sexy it is by no means mutually exclusive with all of the other amazing and wonderful things a woman can be! Also, several people went out of their way to applaud how Arsenic shows more than just an “agency model” or “fashion magazine” type of body. Unlike legacy agencies which had rules like “if you’re under 5’8” you need not apply,” Arsenic has no rules around who we collaborate with. We just want dope people, and we want you to tell us who’s dope.

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