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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Arsenic Philanthropy = DWC + Meg Zany

If you were watching Fox news, then you saw on International Women’s DayArsenic & Arsenic Girl artist Meg Zany partnered with the Downtown Women’s Center to bring attention to the cause of homeless women.

Meg Zany, who continues her art world takeover, created her 24-foot Diversity is a Gift mural on the wall of the DWC residence. The building houses 48 formerly homeless women in permanent supportive housing units and was the original site of DWC’s services.

Now Meg Zany and Arsenic are a part of the structure that houses and helps women in need through Meg’s art, her signature, and the Arsenic symbol emblazoned on the DWCbuilding.

Meg Zany told the Fox reporter: It really fell together magically. It’s amazing because Arsenic is founded by a woman, I’m clearly a woman, and Downtown Women’s Center is helping women.

“Meg represents the feminist ideals and values that led me to start my company, Arsenic. She’s a brilliant artist and a multi-faceted female who believes in using her gifts to inspire others. We’re honored to collaborate with DWC as it empowers women in Los Angeles to reach personal stability.” (That’s what Arsenic Boss Lady Amanda Micallef had to say.)

Sold Out in 29 Minutes - Featured Swag

As we’ve been dipping our toe in the apparel pool, our #1 priority has been to listen to you and what you guys want. A few of you said the same thing. All black crew with nothing on it but the Arsenic symbol. So we dropped one at 9am this morning and it sold out in 29 minutes.

It’s dope that together we achieved the fastest selling piece we’ve had in the Arsenic Community. So we want to keep getting you guys involved. Doesn’t matter if you’re a streetwear expert or you don’t know a damn thing. If you love Arsenic and want to get more involved just reply to this email and let us know what’s up.

Cable TV at the Arsenic House

This Friday at the Arsenic House a production company started shooting the pilot sizzlefor the cable TV project we’re developing together. It was cool to have the cameras rolling at the house, but tbh that’s not the thing we were really digging. We’ve had interest from reality TV before, but what made this different was that these producers really get it when it comes to Arsenic.

The TV producers talked about the project as a documentary-series about Arsenic. If you’ve seen one of our favorite docs, The Defiant Ones, that gives you a sense of tone.

One quote from the TV producer about us: At the intersection of Insta-fame and DIY exceptionalism sits Arsenic: a female founded publishing empire that stands alone as the natural heir to Playboy and the traditional lad magazine. Unfolding daily across Instagram and Snapchat, Arsenic has captivated audiences worldwide by flipping a simple maxim: they’ve placed creative control into the hands of their female models.

The producer made a few powerful points that convinced us to proceed with the show:

Female sexual empowerment is becoming more embraced in society. You ever read The Scarlet Letter in school? Homegirl has an affair, people find out, and they basically put her though the most extreme slut-shaming situation you can imagine, including making her wear a scarlet colored letter A at all times, so everyone she encounters can see her “shame.” Women don’t have to wear letters anymore, but slut shaming is real. And often in recent history a woman’s worth is deemed lesser (sometimes even by other women) based on how she expresses herself sexually. The producer declared that Arsenic stands as a champion of sex-positive feminism and a woman having the right not only over her body, but her personal expression - without judgement. This movement is gaining momentum around the world.

The women of Arsenic are multi-dimensional. Beyond the 2 dimensional images you see scrolling through your Instagram, these are real women who beyond their powerful sex appeal, have stories, strength, and sensitivity. The producers interviewed many of them: a doctorate student; a major artist and activist; a police officer in a major city applauded by the mayor; an entrepreneur who started a movement like #freethenipple; a rapidly rising corporate executive, struggling with how her modeling might conflict with perception at her company; one of the key members of the Arsenic team whose success and rise is far beyond her age-level and experience; and many more. We’d have to write a book to do justice to the full stories of the 5,000+ we’ve collaborated with. And we respect and value each and every one.

Media is becoming more democratized. More than ever, power is in the hands of the people. It used to be an actress would have to go through one of only a handful of movie studios to have an opportunity. These gatekeepers had all the power. In an analogous way, agencies concentrated so much power in the modeling industry. Arsenic blew up because we embraced the new world order as early as anyone: anyone with an iPhone can create their content, put it out to the world, and if it resonates with an audience they can be bigger than the gatekeepers. Just like Amanda used her iPhone grow bigger than MTV.

So the thought, Arsenic sitting at the intersection of all these powerful global forces makes for a must-watch show. Reply to this email, and let us know what you think.

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