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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

“America’s Finest” Housewarming

Stillhouse (America’s Finest) Whiskey is throwing us a housewarming party at the new Arsenic House. We call that a Stillhouse Warming and that’s the situation, end of this month.

Y’all remember Stillhouse, right? G-Eazy is investor, partner and creative director. We followed our coverage of Austin City Limits music festival with a Stillhouse block party.G-Eazy was in attendance and performed. His girl Halsey (who btw, is Wonder Womanin upcoming Teen Titans) was in the house too. News broadcasts covered it. Some of y’all drove hours to be part of it with us, and Arsenic shut the block down. Epic.

Wonder Woman (Halsey) Hit Our Block Party

Arsenic is for the people, by the people, so just reply to this email if you wanna party with us. We’re gonna save some spots for you.

So last week, Arsenic squad goes over to the Stillhouse offices to do some party planning. Brad Beckerman (their truly visionary CEO) welcomes us and walks us toward the back of the office space… to a dead-end wall. Awkward pause… we don’t get it… then he pushes on the wall. And the wall opens. Speakeasy style, hidden behind the wall is what looks like Al Capone’s private bar. Gangster. Dope.

That’s why we fuck with Stillhouse. They get brand. They get that extra soul that makes the difference between solid... and special. Their marketing guru, Andrei McQuillan gave us a tasting of the different flavors, and their new bourbon (in that sick all black can). And 2 drinks in, it’s like “we IN.”

G-Eazy & Stillhouse in Forbes

Stillhouse is like the only Whiskey we’ve been drinking at the Arsenic House. And both G-Eazy and Stillhouse keep blowing up. If you didn’t know, clock this. G-Eazy at age 27 hits the Forbes list. Then Stillhouse (G-Eazy & Brad Beckerman) get a profile in Forbes. G-Eazy is currently killing it on tour and we’ve been fucking with him since his first takeover on ArsenicAUDIO a year and a half ago.

And all the people we know, who know about the liquor industry say the same thing:Stillhouse is taking over the whiskey game. 100%.

Our favorite part? The Stillhouse squad are people we’d want to hang with anyway. So we get to party with dope people as a career path. #JobGoals

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