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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Full Stillhouse

You already know G-Eazy’s Stillhouse is throwing us a housewarming party this SaturdayWe had to close the list, but it’s important to us you understand that inclusiveness is part of our core beliefs at Arsenic.

One of the things we’re most proud of is the “vibe” at the Arsenic House. One of our friends from Warner Bros Records called it “Andy Warhol’s the Factory meets the Playboy Mansion.” A lot of people don’t fully get who we are until they experience the house. Part of that vibe is balance. Being open while also curating so it’s not overcrowded. So to hell with “you can’t sit with us.” You can ALL sit with us. Just not all at the same table, at the same time.

When you see the party on social you’ll clock some of you we slotted from the community. And make no mistake if you can’t make it to this event, know that Arsenic party season is just getting started.

SBE + Arsenic Partnership & Party

Keep an eye out for the upcoming party we’ll be throwing in partnership with SBE. Y’all know SBE. One of the biggest hospitality & nightlife groups on the scene. Hotels, restaurants, clubs... in LA and around the world.

We’ll be taking over one of their venues to create an experience that is pure, uncut Arsenic. You may have seen us at a table out in Vegas or LA before, but in the history of Arsenic we’ve never taken over a nightlife venue before. We’re notorious for some of the parties we’ve had at the Arsenic House, and seeing that come to life out at a venue that y’all can join is about to be lit. Stay tuned for more details on that.

WYM, Female Empowerment?

Friday, Michelle Xuxu curated a rad hang at the houseKrisondraMartaCarey Hess, one of the OG squad Brooke Eliot (she started us on Snap), Jennie GunsAllana Maunai (who is becoming a leader in the community), and more.

Meg Zany spoke up in a really interesting discussion about female empowerment.

We were talking about how Meg’s career has been taking off. She’s started to get recognized when she goes out in public (“Wait, what? You’re @megzany!”), which is a bit more rare for an artist than a traditional model.

Someone noted, the dope thing about Meg Zany isn’t just that she’s blowing up, but that her success is built 100% on the foundation of what she stands for: empowerment.

At Arsenic we’ve been talking a lot about the best language to describe the Arsenic philosophy. Sex-positive feminism? Female empowerment? Female sexual-empowerment? We asked Meg what she thought. If we talk about Arsenic as female empowerment is that bad, because much of our content is provocative?

Meg said her push for empowerment is genderless (you can see the video of her mural here - Feminism is a Club for Boys & Girls). Empowerment is about “giving people the permission to do what the fuck they want.” Which is exactly what Arsenic does, she said.

So what do YOU think? What do you feel we stand for, and what’s the right or wrong language to use. Just reply to this email and let us know. We’d love to share a response or two from what you guys send us.

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