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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Stillhouse Warmed it Up

If you’ve partied with us, or seen us party, hit us on this email with your favorite Arsenic party moments.

A stack of people were saying that the Arsenic Stillhouse Warming party this weekend was the best. If you missed it, quick background. We were traveling for 6 months on the #ArsenicWorldTourAustin City Limits (Stillhouse, WAV); Art Basel (Forbes, @theartplug, Guy Hepner); Dominican Republic (Anheuser-Busch); Salt Lake City (Nitro Circus); Lollapalooza (Atlantic Records); and anotha one and anotha one.

We got back, got a new Arsenic House (which btw is our favorite ever), and G-Eazy’s Stillhouse was rad enough to throw us a housewarming party.

Stillhouse Gets It

Our favorite feedback? “It didn’t feel like a party as much as hangin at your best friend’s house, if you happened to have the dopest best friend in the world.”

That’s not an easy thing to do when a brand hires you. Some brands forget that people respond most powerfully to what’s real. A genuine experience. Actually having an amazing time. And a brand that’s a part of that moment of your life. That’s what moves people. That’s how brands become iconic. Some brands pay and get too grandpa-corporate.

Stillhouse never makes that mistake. Brad Beckerman their CEO has a squad that gets it, and rocks it at the top of the game. G-Eazy is a mogul. He and his team are building an empire and he’s keeping it real the whole time.

"Arsenic is diverse AF"

One compliment we loved at the party: “Arsenic is diverse AF.” We asked what the person meant by it. They broke it down that the crowd had everything: art community, music world, beauty, business influencers, the cool kids -- the perfect mix.

At Arsenic, Music is Life

Some people felt like it was a music industry party. We had peeps from all aspects of the biz. Music artists like DRAM spreading his good vibes while we let Broccoli flow. Anderson .Paak rolled thru, which was dope, because we got his tracks on repeat at the house likeCome Down and Glowed Up. Squad from Capitol Records was in full effect and Intercope was on scene. We consider Soundz an Arsenic music artist. He covered the officialGrammy red carpet for us. We love him because his vibe is rad. He’s part of our community: like he was there for the Town Hall Meeting. He’s a music artist himself and he supports other artists. He’s produced tracks for Rhianna, Justin Bieber, our boy Jeremih, and more. Clock his EP as an artist, Turbo Gold.

We also have big love for Eyes, who directs for Drake, Migos, Jhené Aiko, and more. He’s been mad supportive of the Arsenic movement. We got to know the man behind the Okeechobee music festival and we were impressed af. An agent from UTA was talking that agent talk.

I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.

Businessman or businesswoman… in the way there’s social media influencers, there’s business influencers. They hold down positions of sway at major companies. They connect to culture and the cutting edge of trend. And they were hanging at the Arsenic House.

We welcomed the key execs from a live streaming company that could become the next “it” platform. We’re getting to know them and the app better to let you guys know if we feel like you all need to check it out. Media companies/platforms were in the house likeNetflix, Vice, and Facebook. Sports like Nitro Circus and Vayner Sports. Agencies like UTA live events and Gersh TV. Apparel like Popular Demand, Monica is a boss and has shown us love since our OG days. Investors. And connectors.

Bigger than Game of Thrones

Arsenic embraces social media. If you add up the followers of the squad from this weekend you’d get more people than watched the biggest episode ever of Game of Thrones. Twice as much.

That already has some other brands asking about how to get integrated into the house like Stillhouse. We’ll see. We’re only gonna put you on that ish we think is dope.

What did people say?

“Wow. Arsenic House is full of wonderful humans.” - Kathleen McPhee (Film exec)

“I literally enjoyed every minute.” @directedbyeyes (Director)

“I love the vibes of the house/team so thank you again for letting me be a part of yesterday.” @kelleyfarlowe (Photographer)

"What I love about Arsenic, you've been the support system for so many people."@o.susana (Model)

“I love the fact that I feel such a strong encouragement of freedom and creativity from Arsenic.” @kennedyjonestho (DJ)

Party Pics

Poloroids by @kelleyfarlow

Photographs by  @iamywk & @vip

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