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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

WTF U Mean Arsenic is the Next MTV?!

Arsenic is the next MTV!” One of our squad said it at a Community Meeting. Legit statement? We’ll come back to that. But, coming out of Chella, we thought we’d break down some music shit on an elemental Arsenic level.

Music is Our Drug

Since there’s been Arsenic, there’s been music. Shit, before Arsenic was even born we had pool parties up in a “magic bungalow” in Laurel Canyon. We didn’t hire DJs. Fuck that. First of all, we didn’t have the money.

But second of all, we LOVED to geek out on the playlist. We’re looking at that first playlist right now. It has chapters, each chapter a different type of music. Because we draw an eclectic crowd. Because we have eclectic taste. I mean hell, even our founders are eclectic. One a formula race car driving woman from the red state of Texas. The other a multi-racial man whose mom was a public school teacher in the part of Washington DC with the highest crime rate. (Scroll hard for highlights from that list.)

Music Gets Arsenic

Outside of our core community of models & visual artists, music artists were the first to get Arsenic. It wasn’t through their labels, it was the music artists themselves.

First of all, turns out they were watching Arsenic. For whatever reason we have one of the highest percentage of celebrity audience. So they’re watching. And what do they see. A photoshoot. A pool party (yeah, we threw a lot). An art session. Doesn't matter what it was, the music was always flowing. ILoveMakonnen had 2 of the first tracks we had on repeat. Tuesday (f. Drake) and Wrist (f. Father). We can’t remember the order after that. But Capitol Records had us broadcast a VIP tour of their building. Steve Aoki did a style sesh. Diplo did an interview. Jeremih had us broadcast a tour of his house. Gucci Mane took over fresh out the feds. Cassie, Nervo, Tinashe, Skrillex, 2 Chainz, Future, Zedd, Fetty, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, and on and on and on.

These were the same artists from our original playlist. It’s like that playlist came to life in the Arsenic House. And that’s us living our best Arsenic life.

Why Music?

Gonna start the answer with a look at hip hop. We love hip hop. As much for the history as the music.

Hip hop was once rejected by mainstream society. Too edgy. Too dangerous. Brands partner with hip hop? #HellNah. The “Parental Advisory” sticker was born. NWA was banned. Congress literally held hearings.

But youth culture embraced it. Despite the fact that the establishment was trying to shut it down (hell, maybe because their parents said no) kids wanted their hip hop.

And it evolved. From fringe underground movement to legitimately shaping pop. Dr. Dre went from untouchable “thug” rapping about violence & drugs to being a major shareholder in Apple. Think about that. From Compton to Cupertino.

So in our opinion music has and will always have 2 things. 1) It’s got the minds, hearts, and souls that live at the cutting edge of society. Artists who break barriers and venture into the off-limits areas. 2) Those artists have the talent and sensitivity to communicate what they find over the edge, back to the world. In a way that moves the world forward. Makes sense. Music is a drug. It’s pure emotion. When we hear it we don’t hear it with our intellect. It goes right to our heart.

Arsenic Evolves Like Music

Arsenic’s not nearly as big as hip hop. We get that. But we’ve definitely been edgy enough the mainstream didn’t know what to do with us.

And we’ve seen Arsenic evolve like hip hop. Edgy beginnings. Then music artists. And after music embraced us the fire spread: Yasiel Puig (LA Dodgers), Kaleigh Gilchrist (she won an olympic gold medal), Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), Anthony Napolitan (X-Games), Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg Businessweek, Live Nation, Lionsgate, Honest Company, Nitro Circus, UTA, Atlantic Records, Bud Light, Ultra, Austin City Limits, Rolls Royce, Lollapalooza… and MTV. Yeah we covered the red carpet at the MTV Awards.

We continue to evolve. The music at the Arsenic House stays fresh. We’ll see about a TV show. And as long as you all stay a part of what we’re doing we’ll keep winning.

Because 3 million people won’t be stopped.

P.S. Arsenic's First Playlist

P.S. While writing this, the playlist from that first pool party is bumping. Click here for the full playlist. There’s music for days on there, but here’s a little hit of it, to give you the flavor:

  • Hip Shit (I Follow Rivers Magician Remix - Lykke Li; Valerie Revisited - Mark Ronson; The Passenger - Iggy Pop; Get Free - Major Lazer)

  • Flip Hop (Bonfire - Childish Gambino; American Boy - Estelle, Kanye; Mr. Rager - Kid Cudi)

  • Hip Hop Takeover (We Dem Boyz - Wiz Khalifa; Don’t Like - Kanye, Chief Keef; Fuckin Problems - Drake)

  • Wheels Up (Clarity - Zedd; Pompeii Remix - Bastille)

  • Hip Hopstery (Scenario Remix - Tribe Called Quest; Sabotage - Beastie; It’s Tricky - Run DMC)

  • Claro Que Si (Danza Kudoro - Don Omar; Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony)

  • Paper, Scissors (Start Me Up - Rolling Stones; Blinded by The Light - Manfred Mann's Earth Band)

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