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Arsenic Loves Mexico

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Arsenic Loves Mexico

Mexico has given the world its best filmmaker 4 years in a row. Yeah, we talking Oscar for Best Director. Brilliance of imagination. Extraordinary visual storytelling. Excellence in artistic expression.

Those strands are woven into the fabric of Mexico. Explains why we’ve fallen in love. Because those qualities are aspirationally Arsenic. This was Arsenic’s 3rd MX excursion: Cabo, Mexico City (CDMX), and now Monterrey.

Bud Light Warehouse

What Bud Light is doing in Mexico is lit. Making Bud Light Warehouse a platform to mashup the dopest elements of culture: both from Mexico and international. And together with Arsenic they aim not just to showcase culture, but shape it.

Like their pool party we hit. Playlist dope af. Eclectic. 70s disco. Tropical house. Latin EDM. Putting us on that new new and hitting us with the tracks we love.

And the crowd’s style was on point. This was a no fresa zone. Lotta different looks. Also some trends we clocked. We gonna go cop some blue jeans and white tees and bring some of these looks back to LA. We love dope style. First time (of many) we had Steve Aoki on Arsenic was on our style channel.

Bud Light crushed it on style. They launched their own line which felt like Supreme. They took us into the showroom and swagged us out. Fresh to death.

At Arsenic, Music is Life

We stay on our music grind. Bud Light does too. Their exec team didn’t feel like “suits.” They felt like cultural curators. One of them is a DJ himself. They introduced us to Mario Bautista and he hung at our table with us when Bud Light took us out to the club. He was good vibes af. Warm. Always smiling. Humble.

Then we met up with some friends performing nearby. We consider Autograf part of the Arsenic fam. They are a glimpse into the future of electronic music. An art project that combines digital music with live elements, art, and fashion. We checked out their show, and got up on stage with them, and rocked the stadium. Our squad also stormed the stage with Gryffin. And hung backstage with Mike PerrySNBRN, and Win and Woo. And of course we were on stage with our very own Madds who was killing the crowd with her set (yeah, one of the early Arsenic Girls now touring the world as a DJ).

We Had THAT Squad

Our squad was legit af. Mad flavors. Good vibes. All love. And these girls aren’t just friends on camera. They have each others backs - and serve as a support network to one another. Your Arsenic fam is the family you choose.

Meg ZanyThe inimitable pink-hair street artist and activist. She’s rocked music videos and TV shows. Netflix, Fox Searchlight, Lululemon, and Coach all fuck with her. “Meg represents the feminist ideals and values that led me to start my company, Arsenic.” -Amanda Micallef, Arsenic (from Downtown Women’s Center press release).

Tasha Courtney. One of the first models to shoot with Arsenic, we met her at an open casting where we posted - “anyone can shoot with Arsenic, just comment if you want to.” We worked closely with her and she has grown into an agency model. Her day rate is rich af and she’s launching her own podcast.

Michelle Xuxu. One of the first of the Arsenic fam, she’s helped build us to where we are. Mostly behind the scenes, she’s spent most of her time curating who we work with. She led our Art Basel with Marcel Katz & Oliver Cole Gallery event which got some love in Forbes. She’s the plug at Arsenic. Oh, and btw, she models as well.

Holly Barker. A fitness influencer with 400k followers. She founded and owns over 4 health and wellness focused spas. She’s got beauty, brains, and brawn. She writes articles. Crushes bodybuilding competitions. And is a top personal trainer and nutritionist.

Nesha Torres. A female photographer who also models at times. She’s been shooting since a teenager, and blew up fast af. At age 18, she graduated high school and immediately became an official photographer for the Warped Tour. She’s also a stylist and has her own content creation and social media management company.

Casa De Arsenic, MX

Fans came up to us 4 different times recognizing us and telling us how hard they fuck with Arsenic. We didn’t know Mexico had love like that for us. And we already told you how much we love Mexico. Begs the question...

Should we launch an Arsenic House in Mexico? Where? How should it be run? Hit us back on this email with your thoughts & opinions.

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