Arsenic Airlines: Viva Las Vegas

Did y'all keep up with the Arsenic Network as we took over Las Vegas? From delayed flights, to VIP bottle service, to backstage with the DJs Nervo & Steve Aoki, it's safe to say we slayed the shit and created one of the most epic Arsenic weekends. 

The Arsenic network included our highlights on ArsenicTV, all access with clubs Hakkasan & Wet Republic on ArsenicPlus1, behind the booth on ArsenicAudio, and even had time to squeeze in a workout on ArsenicFit


We had a pretty gnarly schedule. Flight out of LAX at the crack of dawn, and ran into a 4-hour-delay. It was just enough time for some shots, and some cuddle time on the floor of the airport together. We got in about 6 PM, just enough time for us to grab some overpriced snacks from CVS, throw down some shots, and get our fits on for the evening. 

The agenda for the evening was a tour, dinner & bottle service at Hakkasan. You could probably imagine how much food and alcohol 13 girls were trying to fuck up that night after being in an airport and traveling all day. Bottle service by the DJ booth, backstage with Jauz, cocktail waitresses lining up with ARSENIC spelt out, It was lit! 

So the next day, we roll out of bed to hit up some breakfast. We had to get our stomachs ready for our all day festivities at the Opening Day & 10-Year-Anniversary at Wet Republic. The vibe was pretty outrageous. These fellow partiers were going off like they were taking their last sip of alcohol available on planet earth. Tons of house music, beautiful women, champagne showers, and members of the Red Bull Air Force were literally dropping out of the sky. We had a table alongside the DJ booth, and accompanied Steve Aoki. Did you see us on his snapchat

So our epic 24 hours continued with a tour of famous night club Omnia, and a delicious dinner at Sear Sucker in Caesar's Palace. The inside of Omnia was insane. Fuck your chandelier, Omnia literally has a space ship coming out of their ceiling. Funny thing about the evening is that, the Backstreet Boys took our table, but we only got relocated to a better location: the artist green room and behind the booth yet again, with female DJ duo, Nervo. Pretty sure they were crushing on us as much as we were crushing on them. Did you see us on Nervo's snapchat?

It was an amazing time put together by Hakkasan, and our amazing host, Alan. Everywhere we went we were treated like royalty and respect. Although most of the girls met each other for the first time this weekend, by the end, all the Arsenic girls had full blown crushes on each other. 

Hopefully you didn't miss out on the Network, but if you did enjoy the sizzles below, and check out the programming we did on ArsenicTV, ArsenicAudio, and ArsenicPlus1. If you missed out, be sure to follow us while Arsenic travels along on the Arsenic World Tour